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Staysail furler

The Reckmann SF is a combination of a turning padeye and a hydraulic stay tensioner. The furler can tension and furl inner foresails. The self-aligning deck suspension allows a flush deck installation and avoids bending loads on the extended piston. The furler is equipped with a strong hydraulic brake and a removable stay connector with a quick release pin for fast sail changes.

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Top Swivel TS

Top Swivel TS

In keeping with our staysail furling systems, we offer a range of swivels. In addition to offering various materials (titanium and aluminium) we also provide various connection options.

Further details

Gimbal Deck Joint

Gimbal Deck Joint

The furling system needs to balance out the stay sag against the sails. For this reason, the staysail furling systems come in two different designs:
The gimbal deck connection allows for deflection angles of +/-10° to the sides and up to 25° aftward. The deck connection can therefore be built into the deck.

Spherical Deck Joint

Spherical Deck Joint

This deck connection is based on a spherical segment in a low-friction bearing seat. Owing to the type of construction used, this bearing is significantly smaller. However, the sphere only allows for a maximum deflection angle of +/-10° in all directions. This means that the furling system has to be installed in an inclined deck structure.

Load Control Valve Block

Load Control Valve Block

The Reckmann load holding valve block combines several functions:
The integrated check valve keeps the hose depressurised, even with attached stay loads, therefore preventing damage caused by a burst hydraulic hose. The adjustable pressure relief valve, which is also integrated, loosens the stay adjuster in the event of an overload and thus prevents the furling system from being damaged. An optional pressure sensor allows for real-time monitoring of the internal cylinder pressure and therefore the attached stay load.




    SF-8 SF-16 SF-25 SF-32 SF-64
max. stay load [t] 8 16 25 32 64
max. speed [rpm] 100 100 100 100 35
weight type S [kg] 14 70,9 79,7 95,9 190
weight type G [kg] - 78,9 98,5 114,3 -
qmax [l/min] 25 20 20 40 10
D [mm] 20 28 32 38 45
W [mm] 19 30,5 38 38 45
G [mm] 25 35 29 26 70
L [mm] 457 806 989 1066 982
C [mm] 26 25 28 30 60
B [mm] 154 229 222 229 285
stroke [mm] 250 300 300 500 500-800


SF Flyer

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