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[Furler for torsional stays UD-xTC]

Drives of this type can be used as furling systems for mainstays as well as torsion-resistant composite forestays. For this reason, there are soft hanks attached to the sail. In difficult situations, the powerful drive can furl up the sail both quickly and safely. Hydraulic tensioning systems for the stay and luff supplement the furling system with flexibility in the overall system. 




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Top Swivel TTS

Top Swivel TTS

In keeping with our staysail furling systems, we offer a range of swivels. In addition to offering various materials (titanium and aluminium) we also provide various connection options.

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Tack Slider

Tack Slider

The tack slider or floating tack swivel allows the sail luff to be tensioned independently of the stay. This is a necessary addition, specifically with sails that have a halyard lock.

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