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[Electric Boom Drive BFE]

Electric drives for furling booms

These compact and robust electric drives can offer a range of benefits to your furl reefing boom project. All components are stowed in the mast end of the boom. This means that the weight on the end of the boom and its torque load are reduced. The high-performance clutch allows for safe sailing, even when reefed. The unique flattening foot function is already integrated into the drive. The compact design allows for simple - and therefore cost-effective - integration into the roller tube. The electric drives are delivered with electronic controls, which prevent the engine from overloading. The engine’s rotational speed will reduce in the event of overloading, which prevents the engine from being destroyed through overloading.

The shaft bearings, which are available as an optional extra, significantly simplify the construction and mounting of the furling boom. 

We deliver these reliable drives to mast and boom manufacturers. 

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[Furling Direction]

Furling Direction

The furling direction depends on the geometry of the boom and needs to be mentioned when the drive is ordered.


model code   BFE-100 24V cw&ccw BFE-125 cw BFE-125 ccw
item number [-] 31721 38305 29376
furl direction** [-] - cw ccw
E-length [m] up to 7 7 to 9 7 to 9
mandrel ID [mm] 100 125 125
furl speed [rpm] 30 30 30
max. holding torque [Nm] 1600 2200 2200
max. torque [Nm] 110 250 250
Voltage [V] 24 24 24
* cw=clockwise; ccw=counter clockwise

[Dimensions BFx]

Dimensions BFx

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