Datasheet (PDF)

[Seal Kits for Mast Jacks]

The service kits contain all the seals necessary for a service. They may not contain some of the tools required for changing seals. Please be aware that seals should only be changed by qualified staff.

service kit for service kit article code
mastjack ram HTJ15SS 27219
mastjack ram HTJ25SS 27220
mastjack ram HTJ50SS 27221
mastjack ram HLJ-10 27275
mastjack ram HLJ-15 27208
mastjack ram HLJ-15 27276
mastjack ram HLJ-50 27218
pump size 410 52914
pump size 900 52914
pump size 1800 52915
pump size 3800 52915
pump size 5800 52915
old pump model HTW320 27235
old pump model HTW650 28438

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