Swan 65 - equipped with Reckmann BFE and Furler

Last week a team from Reckmann were working on an awe-inspiring Swan 65 in the Port of Barcelona. Fitted with Reckmann furling systems on the foresail and mainsail the proud Swan is immediately ready to set sail.

New on board, a Reckmann electric boom reef drive. The BFE’s, as they are called can, thanks to their compact design be integrated into the roller tube simply and cost-effectively. A high-performance coupling makes trimming the mainsail possible now also when reefed. The unique flattening foot function is integrated into the drive. This makes it possible to streamline the foot of the sail, desirable when there is a lot of wind and a reefed sail. A further advantage: Overloading the motor is prevented using an electronic controller - the motor will not be damaged and taking in the sail is possible whatever the weather.

In addition the Swan 65 is fitted with a hydraulic lower deck roller-reefing system. This has a range of features: a reliable emergency hand crank unit, integrated hydraulic cylinder to tension the stays; a safety valve to relieve pressure and a special ball deck connector to prevent the stick-slip effect. With its compact size the headsail roller-reefing unit guarantees advantageous power-to-weight ratio.

Using push button operations both Reckmann furling systems can be controlled and are in the true sense of the word, ready at the push of a button. The Swan 65 can also be handled easily with a smaller crew.

Swan 65 - equipped with Reckmann BFE and Furler
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