SAILTEC hi-performance sun awnings

What gives Reckmann SAILTEC sun awnings their unique quality? The answer: Textile engineering. Extensive expertise has been gathered over the last 15 years in the production of shading systems. Textile engineering is the designing of three-dimensional pre-tensioned structures using cutting-edge computer technology.

How does textile engineering work?

Tensile membrane structures adopt a shape that is dependent upon the equilibrium of the specific internal and external forces acting on the structure. In designing sunshades Reckmann uses traditional craftsmanship combined with hi-tech. Smooth, straight seams, UV resistant yarn and ‘invisible’ clamping elements to find analytical forms.

And so every sun awning is analysed for its own specific load using its own weight, preload, wind and water load to avoid water pockets. The membranes created are subjected to various stresses in order to assess their behaviour and then to optimise the structure.

Reckmann quality standard

Textile Engineering gives us the opportunity to investigate the form and stability of the three-dimensional sail, enabling the company to work together with the traditional sail makers.

Reckmann’s top priority; a structure that is always stable and durable under all conditions. Thanks to textile engineering Reckann’s sun awnings are the perfect system solution proven by optimal stability and longevity.

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SAILTEC hi-performance sun awnings
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