Are furling systems sustainable? It’s a question of quality

Sustainability has never been more important than it is today. We also take care that our products are manufactured taking responsibility for resources.  This is good for the environment and our customers too. Reckmann furling systems excel not only with full functionality under extreme weather conditions, but also through their durability and longevity.

An example will make this clear:

The ‘Vertigo’, a 67.2 metre-long yacht from Alloy Yachts is fitted with standard Reckmann furling systems. Within seven years it has sailed more than 100,000 nautical miles. Only then did the equipment come back to Reckmann for its first service. The result: The furlers are technically in perfect working order.

Let’s take a look, too, at ‘Kokomo’, also from Alloy Yachts. She has a total of three Reckmann RF90-7.5 systems on board. The hydraulic high-performance furlers were especially developed for the 58m long yacht in 2010 and guaranteed for almost maximum maintenance-free functionality and longevity.

This shows: At Reckmann quality and sustainability go hand in hand. “From a purely economic point of view, service accounts for between 1.5 and 3 percent of the systems value per year,” says Marcus Schuldt, Reckmann CEO. That is only one fifth of the cost of the standing rigging that does not move. “Thanks to high-quality materials and technologies, we create high-performance and low-maintenance systems with proven durability.”

Whereas, from other suppliers a new purchase is necessary after only a few years, Reckmann offers expert maintenance and repair service worldwide, for older models too. Services include, replacing all necessary worn parts and testing all components for full functionality. Reckmann not only ensures that your furling system functions flawlessly at all times, but also responds to the increasing demand for more sustainable products.

"Reckmann stands for real German workmanship. That's our ambition," he added. Reckmann attaches great importance to producing mainly in Germany. To achieve this, the team relies on the latest technologies to consume less energy and resources, as well as not compromising on materials that can cope with a minimum of service and associated costs. Investing in Reckmann quality equipment is a good investment for the future.

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Are furling systems sustainable? It’s a question of quality

RF90-7.5 on Kokomo

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