IRMA - worst Caribbean storm of all time

With a wind force of 295 km/h Irma broke all records in the 2017 hurricane season, causing numerous fatalities and leaving behind a devastating trail of destruction in large areas of the Caribbean and the Florida region.

The marine leisure industry suffered some of the largest accumulation losses. On the islands of Barbuda and St Martin in the British Virgin Islands complete yacht harbours were destroyed. Severely damaged boats and yachts were piled up together, some on top of others. For many owners this lead to a total loss in boat equipment: But Reckmann gear just needed a little polish.

The sailing yacht ‘ANDIAMO‘ was hit heavily by the hurricane and the rig broken in many places, damaging neighbouring yachts. The Reckmann furling system was hardly damaged and only needed new profiles.

Reckmann has the highest requirements for form, function and durability when it comes to product development, ensuring safety in all weathers and climatic conditions. “We make not even the slightest compromise in our product manufacture, testing and optimizing under real-life conditions until we are convinced the quality is 100%,” explained Marcus Schuldt, CEO, Reckmann Yacht Equipment.

IRMA - worst Caribbean storm of all time
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