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Reckmann History

[Reckmann History]

Consistency leads to success

From sails and masts to furling systems. From Olympic champions, Admirals Cup and Whitbread Around the World Race winners, to the leading super yacht outfitter. From solo sailors to fully-automated cruising yachts. From yachts ranging from sizes small to XXL. After nearly 125 years in sailing, responsibility and obligation go hand in hand.

In 2017, Reckmann will be celebrating its 125th anniversary. It has been a family-run business since 1927 and is now in its third generation under the Schuldt family with Marcus Schuldt Dip. Eng. at the helm. Time to take stock ... and the opportunity to successfully update our story. With you as our loyal customers ...

The beginning

Master sail maker Horst Schuldt has been the sole director of the Reckmann compa


Dragon sailors

Many Dragon sailors chose Reckmann sails and masts for their boats. Horst Schuld



Relocation to the current head office in Rellingen and successful dedication to


Admirals Cup

Many successful Admirals Cup boats, such as the SY 'DUVA', 'RUBIN', 'JAN POTT',


Reefing systems

In the early 1980s production of mainsail and foresail reefing systems quickly b


Hydraulic foresail

Further development of high quality hydraulic foresail and mast reefing system d


RF90-5 prototype

Prototype of the RF90-5 used on the A%26R yacht 'EXTRA BEAT' from successful des


Market launch of the hydraulic RF90

Market launch of the hydraulic RF90 furling system in four system sizes.


RS2000 Market launch

Market launch of the successful RS2000: a new standard in manual reefing systems


A new size in the super yacht sector

Reckmann’s new RF90-7 for the SY 'GEORGIA', at that time the world’s largest slo


Three times on the SY 'GEORGIA'

RF90-7 used three times on the SY 'GEORGIA'.


New development of the successful RF90-6.5

New development of the successful RF90-6.5, now on many mega-yachts such as the


New development of UD reefing systems

New development of the below-deck UD3 and UD5 reefing systems for high performan


RF90-7.5 mega yacht furlers

After one year of development and production time, three new RF90-7.5 mega yacht furler were installed on 58m Kokomo by Alloy. New features: Luff-Cunningham skid and realtime adjuster. The extension of the famous RF90 range was necessary to higher demands in function and loads in the 60m yacht range of modern performance cruisers. Nominated for the Superyacht Award.


120 years of Reckmann

120 years of Reckmann


Acquisition of Holmatro rigging hydraulics

With the acquisition of Holmatro rigging hydraulics, Reckmann expanded the product portfolio with hydraulic cylinders, pumps and powerpacks.


new development: mega furler RF90-8.5


Acquisition of NSM

The acquisition of the Dutch company brought drives for furling booms into the Reckmann product portfolio.


Acquisition of sailtec custom projects

Reckmann now offers also sun awning systems for large motoryachts


125 years of Reckmann

125 years of Reckmann


The History

Ever since Hugo J. L. Reckmann founded the company in 1892, the name Reckmann has stood for quality, continuity and product innovation in the sailing and yachting sector. Reckmann primarily began as a sail maker, manufacturing sails and awnings for shipping companies.

The workshop in the Altona area of Hamburg (Germany's shipbuilding centre) made square sails for the "Pamir" and the "Passat" as well as other flying "P-Liners". In 1927 master ship builder and engineer Fritz Schuldt joined the company to form a partnership with founder Hugo J. L. Reckmann. From the beginning Fritz Schuldt contributed with his experience as an ambitious and qualified Dragon sailor to the manufacturing of dinghy sails, thus combining his passion with his work. Fritz Schuldt was one of the first Dragon boat pioneers in Germany and achieved great success with all of his 3 Dragon boats at sailing races, right up to his death. Following the death of Fritz Schuldt in 1952 his son Horst joined the company where he completed his training as master sail maker. The collaboration with the Reckmann family ended in 1962. Since then Horst Schuldt has been the sole director of the company. The company started to expand and soon the workshops in Altona became too small.

In 1962 Reckmann founded a new premises in Mörkenstrasse, also in Hamburg Altona. In the following years the Reckmann name achieved ever-greater recognition until the company became the leading manufacturer of Dragon sails. Horst Schuldt strived continuously to improve the sails. At the start of the 60s Reckmann began manufacturing aluminium masts for dinghies in addition to making dinghy and yacht sails. This included equipping the boats of competitors in the Olympics with Reckmann masts. Soon Reckmann had an enviable reputation for building excellent, high quality masts for Dragons, Solings, Flying Dutchman and "Zugvögel" (German class). By 1972 the company had ultimately outgrown its facilities on Mörkenstrasse and the current plant was built in Rellingen near Hamburg. More space was needed because the boats and therefore the masts continued to increase in length. Horst Schuldt shifted his focus from dinghies to yachts competing for the Admiral's Cup and joined some of the boats as a crewmember.

In 1973 the first mast for an Admiral's Cup yacht was built, followed by many more, including those for highly successful boats like the "RUBIN". Reckmann masts contributed to many a success in the Admirals Cup. Reckmann masts also contributed to victory and prestige in many other competitions.

At the beginning of the '80s Reckmann started manufacturing manual and hydraulic roller furlers for mainsails and headsails. Soon the technology had been perfected and with the RMR furling masts and the "R" headsail reefing systems the company quickly gained a reputation for functionality and quality. Indeed, these systems soon became standard equipment for quality shipyards like Nautor Swan. In 1990 the hydraulic reefing system RF90 finally made the breakthrough into "big boat" territory. Due to the technical superiority of the product and its timeless and elegant design most well known boats were soon equipped with RF90 systems.

Engineer Marcus Schuldt joined Reckmann in 1991 and the company is now being run by the third generation of the Schuldt family. Together with a colleague Marcus Schuldt designed the manual RS2000 roller furlers in 1992, among other models. In 1995, the Reckmann Yacht Equipment GmbH was founded. This company develops, builds and distributes the reefing gears, masts and hydraulics. The Reckmann Yacht Equipment GmbH operates under the management of Marcus Schuldt (Dipl. Ing.).

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