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[Innovations & Milestones]

Cross Cultural Thinking is our Daily Business

For more than 125 years Reckmann stands for industry-leading products & projects in the yacht & sailing business: analysing market developments, customer needs and forecasting future demands is our daily policy and our understanding for doing the next steps, focusing on our clients. This is by far more than enhancing existing products. It is the will to innovate wherever we see challenges of improving safety, comfort, design and function of our products.

Our long-term, consistent 30% percentage rate of engineers & “Meisters” is the base for this … inhouse innovations developed by the Reckmann engineering & production staff. As you can see in the following visualised table, Reckmann is not standing still. Just explore our latest innovations and yesterday’s milestones.

Reckmann has never registered its world innovations as patents. Because Reckmann is still convinced that fast, innovative solutions are more important to our customers than worldwide patent coverage. You cannot prevent imitations in general. Also this “way of non patenting” is our contribution for an excellent price/value-relation of our products and leads to happy and convinced clients. Another advantage is that you can permanently re-design and further develop the product … here are our selected examples:

Hydraulic Headsail Furling System

One of the worlds’s first systems in the market … which became very important for the industry.



With the RF90-7 the age of the very big superyachts began for Reckmann in the furler business. The RF 90-7 was the beginning of large-size furling technologies, which lead to the boom in the mega sailing yacht business.


Stick-slip free deck bearing fitting

The world’s first ball beard stick-slip-free deck bearing fitting is especially developed for below deck furler constructions and prevents a strong bending moment at tacking. Also comfort and safety is enhanced towards classic constructions. Also today (January 2018) this innovation is leading in the world …


Stay Sail Furler

This invention of a combined stay tensioning cylinder and a furling unit as a sleek, compact unit was revolutionary. And it is still today one of the “hidden inventions by Reckmann”, which is been imitated by competitors.


Floating Tack Arrangement

The innovative floating tack arrangement developed by Reckmann offers the advantage of fine adjusting the luff tension also under use of a hooked-halyard system. The whole system prevents mast compression, which lead to higher stability, more control und efficient power.


Controlled compressed air piping for furlers

Reckmann has developed a controlled compressed air piping for furlers, which allows the using/building of inflatable battens also by automatic systems. The whole system prevents the fluttering of the sail also at high duties. This system is also in January 2018 unique.


Milestone RF90-8.5

The RF90-8.5 is Reckmann’s largest head-sail furling system and our newest milestone. With probably the largest torque in the market, a completely new developed, redundant engine concept, it started successful in the market of 60m+ yachts. The self-locking, the integrated hydraulic valve technologies and the bending free toggle are further highlights of this innovative new furling system.


[Reckmann’s 6 Step Innovation Process]

01 - The Preliminary: The Right Team - The Best Education

125 years. That means: up to five generations of highly skilled employees. Since its foundation in 1892, Reckmann relies on best educated and experienced people for decades. Because we know, what it means, if the approach of our customers does not meet their expectations on their product … Young energetic plus older, very experienced people. Engineers, technicians, application producers, sales persons and other in our team. The right mix of people creates success! Explore more in the next steps …

02 - The Will to Innovate

Listening to you as our customers. Working on the best, easy to understand, solution. Technically, functionally and aesthetically. Understanding. The will to innovate starts in your own head – and is guided by your heart. Passion, a word, which is used too often in marketing, can be replaced by other words: words which define not the status, but the process - a never ending approach to reach the aim. Going the extra mile for your customers. At every stage. Then, the innovation process never ends!

03 - Defining Market Leadership & Product Excellence

Without every day benchmark thinking, market leadership & product excellence is not possible. At Reckmann, we see this as a core value of our brand. This core is lived by everybody in our company. It is a promise to former generations of engineers, technicians, production experts, etc. But also regarding best after sales service & fast supply, professional & intensive product maintenance (plans) and availability of our skills and expertise, this journey never ends … finally, to make you happy. And to let you survive under the worst ever circumstances!

04 - Relying on Best Materials & Technologies

To make it short: with compromises in materials and technologies, you will not get any excellent product. Period. At Reckmann, we do not calculate or engineer the MTBF (mean time between failure) per product. No systematic failure after a defined time. Real German Quality. Here at Reckmann, we engineer for the most important = our most demanding customers, who sometimes have to survive under the toughest weather conditions possible. Storm proof. Rust proof. Arctic proof. (Almost) maintenance/service free. Timeless (solid). Lasting. Creating an “invincible product” is our aim at Reckmann. For now more than 125 years!

05 - Engineering. Prototyping. Testing. Testing. Testing.

The process of developing & building an excellent product is not done by chance. It is systematic engineering, which follows the following procedures: The base: creating an excellent idea of enhancing a product by function, design & aesthetics or developing a complete new product idea from scratch. Second step: starting fundamental engineering - with the right skills and experienced people. Then, the intermediate stage begins: building a convincing prototype … if not convincing: starting the process new. The final step: producing the series, very reliable product - after having it tested multiple times under different weather conditions & applications on our testing platforms and offshore. Finally, receiving smiles by our satisfied customers!

06 - Having the Right Customers for Innovation

Engineering innovations and setting milestones are only possible with the right customers. Their expectations to receive the best possible product on the market lead to our will not only to meet their expectations but to define a new benchmark in the market. Extensive research & product development, best materials & offshore testing are preliminary for getting the expected results. This is not done by cutting costs, but by investing into the right surrounding for our highly skilled team – and time! The leading yacht companies in the world understand this approach and rely on this “engineering way of thinking” for decades. Because they have got the “real time proof” of Reckmann quality, which last up to 30 years and longer … No worries. No stress. But fun!

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