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ultralight removable Projection Screens for the outer Deck

proSCREEN projection screens are cinema screens that can be easily assembled and dismantled for a video experience on the outer deck. proSCREEN can be ordered in any size. The largest screen we have made so far was around 7m wide and 4m high.

A compact alternative is the roll-up version of the proSCREEN. Here the screen is rolled into a horizontal carbon profile, which can be easily mounted between two SunFLIP poles. For deployment, the screen is just unrolled and attached to the poles at both lower corners.
Assembly is fast and easy, and one carbon profile is the only part which needs to be stowed away.

  • The screen systems fit in our sunFLIP’s awnings’ deck bracket and can be combined with them too.
  • The system can be assembled and dismantled in a few minutes and this can be done by two to three people.
  • All fittings and mountings are designed to be quick release systems that are extremely easy to handle.
  • The individual system components are as simple as they possibly can be, ensuring user-friendliness.
  • Despite the large screen area, the individual parts of the dismantled systems are small enough to be stowed on-board without any problems.

proSCREEN · Carbon Frame

The frame structure of the proSCREEN is made from carbon pipe. Available in clear coated or painted finish. Fittings are made from manually mirror-polished stainless steel. The mounting rails for the screen are made from aluminium, same colour as the system, and are supplied either anodised or powder-coated.

twistFIT · Deck Sockets

We use twistFIT deck mounts for proSCREEN, the same fittings are also used for the sun awning system sunFLIP. So sunFLIP and proSCREEN systems are often combined. Even the side walls of our proSPORT padle tennis court are equipped with twistFIT deck brackets.

proSCREEN · Membranes

proSCREEN projection screens are made of special plastic sheets which can be rolled up and are even foldable.

We offer front and rear projection screens, so that the position of the projector may be in front or behind the screen.

Front Projection · Rear Projection

proSCREEN systems for front projection are designed for a projector placed behind the viewers. The projector is therefore located on the same side of the screen as the audience.

With the proSCREEN system for rear projection, the projector is behind the screen from the viewer's perspective. The image is therefore projected onto the back of the membrane and viewed from behind "through the screen" so to speak. We deliver special projection films which have been specially developed for this system for use as a screen.

proSCREEN · System Assembly

Assembling the system requires 2 people and takes around 20 minutes. The system is stored in padded storage bags.

proSCREEN with snap joints: The individual tubes of the carbon frame system are removed from their pockets and fully assembled flat on the deck. The membrane is then stretched on a rubber system and the entire arrangement is folded up from horizontal to vertical using the snap joints provided. Job done.

proSCREEN without snap joints: The individual tubes of the carbon frame system are removed from their pockets. The side tubes are placed in the deck brackets and the entire frame system is assembled in the vertical position. This requires two ladders. The membrane is then stretched over it. Job done.


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