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How to engineer & build traditional German Quality

Quality. A mere word – when it is not filled with content and approach and being executed consequently with consistency . Highest German quality is not a matter of chance. At Reckmann we have developed a quality system, which leads to systematic engineering, a very high production & service level and full customer satisfaction. In general, that means that in terms of reliability, function and safety of the design, we do not make any compromise at Reckmann … under all weather & climate conditions.

Just explore below our 11 steps quality system in detail:

[Reckmann’s 11 Step Quality System]

01 - Defining customer requirements

What do our clients exactly want? What are their requirements in detail? In which regions do they sail? What kind of function need crew and captain to fulfil their mission? And many more questions to ask for … When we develop our products here at RECKMANN we ask ourselves first what is “der Kundennutzen” (= the real benefit for the customer). At every stage of development …

02 - Defining the budget

If money does not play the biggest role, the solution for developing a new product at RECKMANN is very easy. We develop the best available product or solution in the market. German High Precision Engineering. Period. But markets have changed. Price sensitivity has also entered the mega yacht business, leads to different opinions about long-term quality, function, design and more aspects of engineering. Therefore it is crucial to define budget and corresponding demands before …

03 - Defining the process

Process Engineering. This word characterizes and defines the daily challenges of excellent product development. From defining the demands, designing the base construction & prototype, testing it and constructing and building the final product to meet customer requirements under all conditions, it is a long way … with many obstacles and challenges. At RECKMANN we face these challenges by a serious, strongly defined process, having different stages for review and testing. The result should always be an excellent product – our engagement to our 125 years of former generations!

04 - Engineering the best technical & most functional product

In this section, we can make it short: passion, know-how, experience, a large range of existing products as base, the right team in development & production plus hard work and the will to make it, are the ingredients for engineering the best technical and most functional product. Plus the most modern production techniques and 3D development technologies. This is what RECKMANN is known for in the market …

05 - Choosing the right materials & suppliers

Without the best materials and suppliers you cannot make the best product. Compromises lead to bad quality. Period. Our long-term-experience shows that many RECKMANN products come into first service after 15, 20 or also 25 or 30 years. What shall we say more about long-term reliability & functionality? It is only possible with experienced suppliers and best materials. At RECKMANN we want to hold this highest quality approach for next generations. REAL GERMAN QUALITY, in the traditional way … with most modern design!

06 - Building the prototype

A well specified and constructed prototype is the base for the oncoming series product. But also building precision is the key for function and reliability under all conditions. If we were making compromises in the prototype development we would play with the safety of our clients on the Seven Seas. RECKMANN products must be reliable under all weather conditions and must stand the test of time. And this begins with a strong, uncompromised prototype development …

07 - Testing the prototype & pre-production model

After having designed an exact working prototype, this prototype undergoes a severe test procedure. Because only the simulation under real conditions allows you to know whether materials, construction and combination of all rotating parts fit exactly to the pre-defined use and long lasting function - plus an engineered, integrated “XXL safety restraint” for all weather and sea conditions under the Seven Seas.

08 - Measuring & mastering the pre-production process

Before the series production starts, measuring the product in all dimensions and preparing the oncoming production process is the most important step for retaining highest quality. This is why we put so much efforts on this stage. We cannot tell you details about this stage, but we guarantee that this process step is crucial for “our philosophy of building the most reliable and best product in the market”.

09 - Testing the series product under real conditions/sea trials

Same procedure as with the prototype. But now on sea trials … for receiving the real stuff!

10 - Final assembly: producing the series model

During the series production process we have defined stages, where we make sure that everything fits and works. The final assembly quality control is the most important stage before our customers get their products. This is why we put so much efforts on this stage. Three times control of the final product with all fittings, with no visible scratches and best available packaging. Our customers should be happy when our products arrive … anywhere in the world.

11 - Final quality control & customer satisfaction

At the end you as our customers can be sure that RECKMANN products stand the test of time and fulfil their functions under all conditions. REAL TRADITIONAL GERMAN QUALITY. No anger. No pain. It simple works.

Thousands of long-term satisfied customers show great loyalty to our RECKMANN products. They are happy about our way of producing the best available product in the market! “Every penny worth …” as many RECKMANN clients say …

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