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Since 1892 Day One

“Quality is more than just the sum of a good team’s accomplishment, but the daily effort made by each individual to deliver ever higher levels of performance - performance which leads to the customer being satisfied over the long term.”

Close to 125 years in the business has resulted in stability, continuity, performance, innovation, good service and a lot more besides. What matters the most however is customer satisfaction. What remains the most important basis for a good reputation and, at the same time, a major incentive, is not to compromise on performance in the years to come.

Due to reasons of confidentiality, we are unable to reveal the identities of 75% of our high-end customers in the super yacht and racing fields. Despite this, they are worthy of mention because they form the basis for our success.

We would like to extend our thanks to all our customers, naval and maritime architects, yacht designers, captains and crews and athletes, as well as the many brokers and networkers for the trust they have placed in us over the years and decades. As the manager, I would also like to give my heartfelt thanks to my engaged team, without whose daily efforts this success would not be possible.

Marcus Schuldt

MY Talitha

We have supplied various sunFLIP and sunDECK installations for this elegant motor yacht.

MY Graceful

Reckmann has supplied SunFlip shading systems and a carbon fiber folding light pole for this 2013 built Motoryacht.

sun awning

sunFLIP system on aft deck

For the development and the building of mega motor yachts in the range of 50 to 170m Reckmann equips - since the 1890's - the world's most popular & renowned shipyards with very special hydraulic & shading systems, custom made yacht solutions & special equipment. Together with the shipyards & clients we also develop and built complex VVIP special solutions on demand.
Name Length Shipyard Performance/Product
Eclipse 163 m Blohm & Voss confidential
Golden Odyssey 124 m Lürssen Yachts confidential
Palladium 95 m Blohm & Voss confidential
Graceful 82 m Blohm & Voss confidential
Al Said 155 m Lürssen shading system
Topaz 147 m Lürssen confidential
Al Salamah 139 m Lürssen confidential
Octopus 127 m Lürssen confidential
Katara 124 m Lürssen confidential
Pelorus 115 m Lürssen confidential
Amadea 106 m Lürssen confidential
Quantum Blue 100 m Lürssen confidential
Kismet II 95 m Lürssen confidential
Lady Lara 91 m Lürssen confidential
Kismet 68 m Lürssen confidential
Ester III 66 m Lürssen confidential
Al Mirqab 133 m Kusch Yachts confidential
iDynasty 100 m Kusch Yachts confidential
Tatoosh 92 m Kusch Yachts confidential
Mogambo 74 m Nobiskrug shading system
Flying Fox 74 m Nobiskrug confidential
Faith 96 m Feadship confidential
Ecstasea 86 m Feadship confidential
Ebony Shine 76 m Feadship confidential
Talitha 80 m Krupp-Germaniawerft shading system
Luna 118 m Lloydwerft confidential
I Nova 50 m Cosmo Explorer confidential
Maryah 125 m Elefsis Shipyards confidential
Olivia 68 m Oy Laivateollisuus confidential

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