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[Furling Systems]

Maintenance & service

Reckmann furling systems are characterised not only by their extreme reliability and low-maintenance but also their ability to operate at peak performance even in the worst weather conditions.

To guarantee that this remains true in whatever difficult situation you may find yourself in, we offer an expert maintenance and repair service which, as a precautionary measure, regularly replaces all necessary parts liable to wear and subjects the re-assembly to a full function test. For Electric, hydraulic and manual furling systems to ensure your furler will continue to operate in the most demanding conditions, 

Our range of services for furling systems includes:

  • Replacing seals and bearings
  • Cleaning and optical treatments
  • Repairing damaged equipment
  • A test run carried out on one of our test benches
  • Converting and upgrading existing equipment

We are always available if you have any queries regarding our furling systems service.

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